This new tool called Kombai is designed to help developers create code for user interfaces (UI) more easily. It uses advanced learning technology and smart models to generate high-quality code from design files. With Kombai, developers can quickly and effortlessly generate code without the need to tag, group, or name specific elements or use auto-layout features. This tool takes care of creating the necessary structure for the UI, including flexible CSS and React components. It also generates efficient JavaScript code with loops and conditions, as well as form elements as functional components. Kombai even allows developers to specify their requirements to ensure they get the code they desire. Currently, Kombai is offering a “,Freemium,https://img.taskitude.com/ai_images/kombai.jpg,https://aiworldtools.com/out/kombai,Generative Art,144,No, VideoSage,A tool to enhance video viewing experience and chat with videos.,This tool called VideoSage is made to make watching long videos easier for you. It gives you accurate answers about what’s in the videos and has different tools and options to make your viewing experience better. You can even talk to an AI while you watch videos and work together with it.,Freemium,https://img.taskitude.com/ai_images/videosage.jpg,https://aiworldtools.com/out/videosage,Chat,260,No, DigitbiteAI,An AI tools suite for businesses.,DigitbiteAI is a really cool set of tools that use artificial intelligence to help businesses in a big way. The tools that make up DigitbiteAI include things like creating content

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