This tool, called Leexi, is a platform created by French-Belgian founders. It has many useful features. One feature is called AI-Meeting, which can transcribe and analyze phone calls and video conferences in over 100 languages. Another feature is AI-Notes, which transcribes and analyzes the same kind of conversations.
Leexi can also be connected with different platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoom. It can collect and score calls, helping you analyze and improve your performance. It can also help increase sales conversion by identifying areas for improvement in sales calls.
If you’re hiring new employees, Leexi can provide insights and feedback on their calls, helping them get up to speed faster. It can also help businesses adapt to new ways of working by providing insights on remote calls and meetings.
Using AI customer support tools like Leexi can have many benefits. It can help businesses respond faster to customer inquiries, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Some common ways businesses use AI in customer support include using chatbots to handle routine inquiries, analyzing customer feedback to understand and address concerns, and providing personalized assistance based on customer data.


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