This tool, called Listnr, is a special computer program that can create realistic voices with different options. It can convert written text into natural-sounding speech in many languages. You can use it on different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. It also lets you embed the audio on websites to share your content with more people. You can easily export the audio as WAV or MP3 files. Listnr offers different plans for different types of users, starting from free options to $99 per month. It is useful for content creators who want to make their written content more engaging by turning it into voiceovers. It’s also great for educators and students who want to improve their learning experiences with lifelike audio. Additionally, businesses and marketers can use Listnr to reach new audiences through audio platforms. Overall, Listnr is a highly-rated and versatile tool that uses advanced technology to convert text into speech and create podcasts.

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